Stealth Watch Security offers a comprehensive suite of security and personal safety solutions, encompassing armed guard, unarmed guard, and patrol services. Our seasoned team, boasting over 15 years of collective industry experience, is dedicated to ensuring your safety and peace of mind. Count on us for vigilant protection tailored to your unique needs and circumstances

the organization was established to capitalize on the notable deficiencies and insufficiencies in local, regional, and national security and protection enterprises concerning professionalism, caliber, and client contentment.

Since its founding, Stealth Watch Security has helped thousands of happy clients and safeguarded assets worth billions of dollars. Stealth Watch Security has liability coverage of $5 million. Stealth Watch Security is open 365 days a year, around the clock. When a vast region needs to be secured, Stealth Watch Security agents patrol on foot, in designated vehicles, on bicycles, and in golf carts. Every one of our field officers has a long-range radio.

Stealth Watch Security Services is a dynamic and innovative organization dedicated to offering cutting-edge security solutions to both clients and applicants. We take great satisfaction in offering a comprehensive variety of security management services and are dedicated to enhancing the caliber and contents on a constant basis. Professionals with the necessary training and expertise are committed to expanding and enhaThree-Step Procedure for Hiring

Our highly skilled, state-licensed security personnel must meet our three-step screening procedures and be qualified for the position.


Contextual Evaluation

The applicant’s personal references, previous employment history, and reports from the FBI and DOJ are all examined during the background check process.


Conversational Interview

An interview can be set up if it has been established that an applicant has an acceptable background. During this encounter, the applicant’s verbal communication skills are assessed, along with their suitability for handling hypothetical scenarios that are presented during the interview and their personality traits that are required to carry out the tasks that are expected of them.


Drug Examination

Applicants agree to submit to random drug tests while employed and for pre-employment drug testing after completing the interview phase of the recruiting process. We’rencing security services.

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Thanks to our many years in the field, we have a thorough awareness of both the security landscape and the difficulties that businesses and organizations confront. Because of our knowledge, we are able to offer our clients security solutions that are both efficient and customized to meet their unique requirements.

Tailored Solutions

Recognizing that every customer has distinct security needs, we provide tailored solutions that are made to satisfy their demands. Our staff works directly with clients to comprehend their demands and create a security plan customized for their company or group.

Cutting Edge Technology

To guarantee that our clients receive the greatest security services available, we make use of the newest tools and technology. This comprises sophisticated access control and surveillance technologies.


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Our company stays up to date with our most advanced digital patrols and reports and reporting software.


We are available to all clients 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, & 365 days a year.